The new way to capture real-time grocer data.
Affordable. Customizable. All inclusive.

Our proprietary data collection method taps into the modern way of grocery shopping by scanning grocers click & collect e-commerce websites. This innovative technology gathers real-time product locations and availability at hundreds of retailers across tens of thousands of grocery stores throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Through our exclusive partnership with Datasembly, we utilize this information to populate your store locator with highly accurate, on-shelf, product location data.
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Automatic Location Updates

Live Grocery Data

Our store locator software was specifically designed for food and beverage brands to show consumers where to buy their products without expensive 3rd party-sourced data. Our store listings, provided by our data partner Datasembly, provide snapshots of your product availability at tens of thousands of grocery stores.
Online and Offline Locations
Brick and Mortar & Online Grocers

We let shoppers know where you are available – at the store in town or online grocers. We provide automatically updated location and product information at brick and mortar & online grocers. In addition, we will take your raw data from distributors and add it to our locator.

SKUs by Grocer

Individual Product Listings

Our listings integrate with live grocer data so people can search for specific products. Shoppers love easily finding where to buy their favorite products.
Data You Can Use
Insightful Analytics

Our proprietary analytics suite tracks store locator usage, giving insights into customer search locations, products and queries. Live Demo